Plan #1: Finding a Job In The Villages

28 Dec

My mom is 75 years old. The first thing she said when she read my opening blog was, “What movie?” I told her to keep reading. Ah, The Wizard of Oz. That movie.

It’s been years since I spent a Christmas at home in Florida. Mom, my sister and her husband, and I spent the day in and around the kitchen, not exactly like normal folks. Instead of the traditional turkey and dressing or ham or any of the usual fare, my sister made chicken and dumplings from scratch. My mom had prepared a pot of black-eyed peas and ham hocks. And, I brought an assortment of delicacies from the recently opened Fresh Market in Lady Lake, Florida.

When we weren’t dishing out food, putting food away, or eating food, we played cards. Definitely not a Christmas like any other I’ve ever experienced, either personally or on the big screen. However, I’m digressing (that’s what people do when blogging, right?).

Mom hasn’t felt well since Thanksgiving. Rather than explain what we did and where we ate that day, suffice it to say she ate too much of the wrong things and is still paying for it.

Over a hand of cards, my brother-in-law had long since retired to the recliner to watch Two and a Half Men, mom was telling us how she was unable to vacuum without a lot of pain. She told us how she could no longer get down on the floor to wash the baseboards and how it hurt to stretch high enough to clean the ceiling fan blades. My sister was offering all sorts of suggestions as I sat there thinking, “Not a problem. I’ll just come over every 7-10 days and do some light cleaning.” I didn’t speak up, I’m usually the quiet one at family gatherings. I listened to the volley of words back and forth across the table.

The cleaning topic passed and the sun set and it was time to head back to mom’s place. As we drove in the darkness, my sister lives way out in the country where high beams are a necessity, I said to mom, “I could come over and wash the baseboards.” Mom said, “don’t bother.” We finished the ride home in silence.

This morning I awoke with a plan. There must be other people in the same situation as my mother. Surely, there are other retirees on a fixed income, who may or may not be able to afford to pay a housekeeper, not to mention having to worry about finding someone reliable and trustworthy. What if I were to get bonded, licensed and offer to do light housecleaning for The Villagers?

I logged on to craigslist and I submitted an ad offering light housekeeping, by the hour, for whatever the person was willing to pay. I put a 2-month time limit on the offer. That was at 7AM. It’s nearly 5:15PM and not one email in response to my ad so far.

But that’s ok. My goal is to live in The Villages by the first week of June. I still have 5 months to go. Remember, I’ll be driving an hour back and forth to mom’s every 7-10 days…if starting at the bottom doesn’t work, I’ll have plenty of time to think of something else to try!

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