Plan #1: Update

30 Dec

Not one response to my craigslist ad.

But, I have found a potential opportunity in The Villages Daily Sun newspaper. Covering my bases, I applied for the job (it’s in Ocala) AND I’ve updated the craigslist ad to include $5/hr in the heading. That should attract some attention. $5/hr to clean house is unheard of…or is it?

With the state of the economy, and isn’t that phrase becoming all too familiar, there are more and more creative ads appearing online. People are boarding animals in their homes and looking for other people willing to monitor up to three dogs at a time. There is even a His and Hers Housecleaning ad, and an especially aggressive criminal defense attorney advertising almost daily. I didn’t think that was allowed…multiple ads, but there you have it. Even criminal attorneys are looking for paying clients.

One of my tasks for today is to update the look of Susan Nola’s website, so for now, I’ll get busy creating.

How many responses did I get to my craigslist ad offering “you name the price” light housekeeping?

Not one.

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