Planting Seeds

11 Jan

Weeks ago, the topic of planting seeds was repeated over the course of a few days, culminating with Andy Buckley (of Picture This Languages) using the words in a telephone discussion. Seeds planted since that conversation may be about to bloom. We have received a response from the Villages Daily Sun about covering an introductory event and I may have found the perfect place too. When two potential clubs which were hoped to sponsor the talk didn’t work out (both due to health reasons), Andy and I were scrambling to find a replacement. I thought that Curves would be a good possibility, especially since Picture This Languages is all about exercising the mind, more than it is about learning Spanish. The local Curves owner is not interested. Today I heard from someone looking to promote The Tea Plantation, a Villages restaurant and flower shop. We have exchanged ideas and we might just meet in person on Tuesday afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed!

Today I also experienced another seed sprouting. I received a response to my ad for house cleaning. It looks like a door is opening to allow me to work in The Villages. More about this in upcoming blogs, for now just wanted to share the news of the possibility and express my gratitude. When I started this journey, I knew that there would be false starts and occasional stops. Over the past three years, I have learned to Thank God For Everything. There have been some doubts along the way, but more than anything else, I’ve done my best to remember to be grateful. No matter whether a door opens, or closes.

The Marion flea market door has closed. I am a very literal person and, it seems, sales is more about saying whatever is needed to get people to stop and look at the products. When I’m told that all the items on “that wall” are $1 off, I think that means that all the items on “that wall” are $1 off. However, in sales, apparently, the statement simply means that SOME of the items on “that wall” are $1 off. I learned that it’s up to me to explain to the customers that although “all of the items on this wall are $1 off”, the truth is that ONLY the plastic bears are $1 off. Turns out, am not comfortable with the requirements to be a salesperson. I am glad I tried. It’s sort of like loving and losing, sometimes, after the loss, and depending on the situation, you learn what it is that you don’t want. And, you can concentrate on those things that you do want instead.

Today I drove over to my mom’s to help with some chores. After a trip to Lowe’s, and an hour or so, the lamp in the living room now works like new. Before my visit, turning the lamp on or off might result in the lampshade and light bulb fixture falling over to one side. Now it is strong and straight and stays that way even when you turn it on or off! The yard is watered (mom did most of that), bushes are trimmed (mom again) and the branches and trimmings are in the trash (that part I did!). We had a nice dinner and I drove back to catch Desperate Housewives while I continued to sort through all the 2008 filing in preparation for…yes, it’s time again to plant the seed for…April 15. Maybe this year I’ll actually file my returns before the deadline! The last few years have resulted in extensions, the longest being my 2007 taxes which were just filed January 3 of 2009. Because of my foray down to New Orleans, and because of Hurricane Gustav, the filing date for all extended tax returns was January 5.

I’m guessing I’ve lost the majority of you by now, and I can’t remember if there is anything else I wanted to talk about anyway. It’s late. I’m tired. Tomorrow is the start of another “work” week. Planting seeds for this coming Tuesday night’s class, I’ve already read through the material. Next on the list of things to do for that project is to work through some of the exercises, and, figure out how I want to present the material. Maybe I’ll talk about planting seeds!

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