Door slammed on foot, twice…back to the drawing board!

28 Jan

I spent 4 and 1/2 hours today cleaning a home in The Villages. The opportunity resulted from my craigslist ad posted after Christmas…

It is a beautiful rental home. One I would love to own.

On the surface, the prospect of cleaning the inside of the home looked like an hour job, maybe. For most people, it probably could have been completed in an hour, or two, but for me…not a chance. It was clean enough that even I could have finished in an hour or two…IF I weren’t “me”.

For example, I cleaned the bathroom window from both sides. I cleaned the sliding glass doors (all 6 of them!) from both sides. I vacuumed and then washed the floors, then vacuumed them again. Moved the furniture in the carpeted areas (except for the beds!) in order to vacuum under them. Found some granola under a recliner and a cheerio under the sofa (close enough to be under). Washed the inside of the microwave, the outside of the blender and shook the crumbs from the toaster after washing the outside of it. There’s more…I’ll stop though, you get the idea.

My back was hurting, but the finished product was worth the discomfort. Another positive outcome, I now know that I don’t want to clean houses, EVEN to get into The Villages.

So what does that say about me? Maybe I don’t really WANT to reach my goal?

Perhaps, but I think it just means that there HAS TO BE ANOTHER WAY! 🙂

This past weekend I spent over 30 hours (ok, the weekend spilled over into the week…) working on a project that could garner anywhere from $600 to $3000 (in a thriving economy the higher amount would be doable) for each attempt. It would mean becoming a salesman and talking people into buying ad space and asking them to pay me. It would mean NOT GIVING the product away like I intend to do on this first attempt.

A guru says that sometimes giving something away is the best way to promote your product, that sometimes it is the right thing to do.

As usual, however, everyone thinks I’m nuts to give anything away, and perhaps they are right. But, I’ve got that Frank Sinatra gene and it’s a strong part of me. I’ll do it my way.

Is that working for me? (I just heard Dr. Phil say that…only he says “Is that working for you?”)

Heavy sigh. I do a lot of sighing lately.

I just heard a couple of words from Bridge Over Troubled Water…”when you’re down and out…when you’re on the street…”

Well that’s just plain scary.

The fact is that the $750 a week I mentioned weeks ago hasn’t manifested yet. And, the few ideas I’ve implemented, or attempted to implement, haven’t manifested either.

Of course, I stopped meditating and visualizing the $750 somewhere along the way, it’s probably been two weeks, if not longer. Perhaps THAT is the reason for my personal failure to launch?

Well, there’s still the Picture This Languages gig, the 3rd Thursday in February. Maybe that’s something I can count on?

And, there’s still the work on the web site…that and the income from the teaching job will pay the rent for at least 2 months…

Maybe I’ll go check the want ads next. Again.

And tonight is the Power Ball drawing.

I even have a ticket.

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