The Shuttle launched into space tonight!

15 Mar

I was dancing at Sumter Square when the dancing stopped and we all started scanning the skies, searching for the bright light. At one point someone picked out a plane, with the setting sun shining brightly making it look like a rocket. Hands went up, pointing at the plane. Others began yelling out, “that’s a plane!” and explaining, “the shuttle doesn’t fly across the sky like that”. The arms went down and we waited, and then, there it was, shining brightly through the huge tree to the right of the clock. More arms pointing to the rising rocket with a beautiful plume of white clouds trailing behind it. People started clapping and there was a feeling of pride coming from somewhere. I heard one gentleman say “I love America”. Then someone from the back of the crowd yelled out to the live band, who was also watching the sight, “Play America!”. As the booster, the second booster?, fell away we all watched in awe. And then the band began to play, people began to dance and the setting sun turned the white cloud left by the shuttle a beautiful shade of coral.

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