Is it “trash” or is it “Memorex”?

24 Mar

A few days ago, after some time spent on bended knee, there appeared to be an answer to prayer.  Enter a mere mortal (Susan/me).  Can’t decide on using first or third person in this on-going narrative…

Anyway, the purported answer to prayer looked like a place to live, with reduced rent, in return for a service.  All legitimate, legal, no funny stuff.   Then came the soul searching, the analyzing, the factoring in of the time, energy, benefit and costs…when all was said and done, the decision was made, GO FOR IT!

In the meantime, the hoped for $15/hr (at least) job at Staples bombed, although there is still the opportunity for a less than $8/hr job at Staples.  Driving 45 minutes one way, to teach students who work at least one job and who may or may not have read the material being delivered, 3 nights a week is still an option.  However,  given the fact that driving 45 minutes, 2 nights a week, along with preparation before and the reviewing and the grading of papers after,  factored out to pay less than $8/hr, closer to $4 or $5/hr, not counting the wear and tear on the Jeep, it is safe to say that teaching is not high on my list of ways to pay the rent.  Effectively, it is close enough, instead,  that I am paying to deliver training, and driving, and worrying about the quality of my instruction, etc…  The end result of the job search has been nil.

On the other hand, it may be that the real miracle, the answer to prayer, was not simply in finding a place to live.

Even though the place to live is IN THE VILLAGES! AKA, My Goal and the basis for this blog…It may be that the miracle is in the idea BORN of the anticipation, the thoughts and planning surrounding the possibility of living in The Villages.  Even that is not a given at this point in time, not only did I have to analyze and make a decision, the final say is not up to me.  I wasn’t the only person to answer the ad.

There used to be an ad slogan, “is it live, or is it Memorex?”.  There is also a saying, something about “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.  The title to this post is a combination of the two ideas…and answers to the question, IS IT A MIRACLE?   Is it “just what I was hoping for”?  or, is the event simply something to evoke a different potential miracle, something to evoke an idea or a whole different way of looking at something?

There are a number of emails going around stressing to TRUST GOD, even when the path is dim, the weather stormy, the future bleak.  Trust that all is well (hence, the Desiderata post) and ACT like all is well.  Be joyful, hopeful, and HAPPY EVEN, when there is no apparent reason for any of those emotions.

Nothing has changed, outwardly, since the “answer to prayer”.  I’m still living and breathing in the same spaces, there are no additional finances, no packing and preparing to move, no platform to even begin to venture forward.  What has changed is that a few (billion, million…10?) brain cells have been fired and a possible way to survive (financially, aka a job/way to make a living) has been considered as a result of the opportunity to be able to live in The Villages.

Do we bemoan that the “miracle” we expected turns out NOT to be a miracle at all?  A country western song years ago, “I thank God, for unanswered prayers” related the benefit of not getting what you ask for.  All I asked for, all I stated, was “I NEED HELP”.   I didn’t say what kind of help, whether it was for a place to live, for a job, for funds, for __{fill in the blank}__.   I simply said “I NEED HELP”.

Maybe he/she, maybe the Universe, thought I said “health”?

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