The foot bone’s connected to the …

8 Apr


In life, in love, in friendship, in sorrow, in happiness, in pain, in joy.

Today I was given, without any solicitation or request of my own, the name and home phone number of someone of importance in The Villages by someone I chose to help, free of charge. And, I was treated to a luncheon, put together by the ladies of Harbor Oaks, by a resident of the park. A new friend, a snowbird, he’s leaving to head back up north in the next week or so. I hadn’t planned on any of it, and I had a wonderful time.

Last week I was told about an opportunity to greatly improve my financial situation by someone I met as a result of my work on Today I learned more about the company, signed up, and already have two or three people in my downline. The prospects for growth are impressive.

I came to be involved with because I answered an ad in

An ad I placed in craigslist for a friend of mine was answered by the brother of someone looking for someone like my friend. They spend nearly every day at the square, sometimes at Lake Sumter Landing, sometimes at Spanish Springs.

A woman I met in The Fresh Market, she was giving out samples of different wines, is now my partner in a venture that came about because I called a homeowner with properties for sale. He had just heard about an opportunity and invited me to attend a “meeting”. I knew it was a multi-level marketing meeting, it had that “feel” about it…but I went anyway. The company is a reputable company, with a solid history. I wasn’t ready to join at the time, but I made a decision last night, that’s just the way I do things, to take a chance. My partner, a born saleswoman, really liked the product and would have jumped on it immediately, but she didn’t have the capital. Time will tell what blessings, visible, or not, will come of the decision to try.

Chatting with a friend from my life PRIOR to The Villages led to the decision to try to start trivia here in Lady Lake. And another idea, one that I think has real financial possibilities, came about because I want to find a way to achieve financial security, and I’m going to keep at it till I succeed. I’ll write up my plan and mail it to myself, the unsealed letter to be proof of concept.

May 1st, I move into a rental in The Villages. I have many plans to work on. And, as a result of cleaning and doing a good job of another rental, I’ve been referred to another homeowner and will be cleaning his home later this month. The idea to post an ad on craigslist offering cleaning services came about because mom mentioned that she couldn’t clean the ceiling fan blades, or the baseboards, and the vacuum was too heavy.

Little by little, I’m bringing in the money to pay my bills and to keep my spirits up.

I am grateful for the prayers of many, and I’m grateful for the blessings, seen and unseen, realized and unrealized. For my health and the health of my family and friends, I give thanks. I didn’t win the PowerBall tonight…and my Mega Ticket from last night was also a loser. The Fantasy 5 didn’t even muster a winning ticket. But that’s ok too.

I still have hope. And I’m still hanging in there.

“It” is all connected, we are all connected.

It’s a fabulous ride.

Even when I forget to look at the whole picture.

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