Easter Sunday – April 12, 2009

12 Apr

Mom and I raked up the remaining fall leaves, bagged them and deposited them on the street for pick up on Wednesday. I won’t be there to take them to the curb on Tuesday night, so the neighbors will have to put up with the view for a few days. Easter dinner was an egg salad sandwich and chicken noodle soup at Too Jays. Yummy!

Tonight I wrote up my idea for a new game and will take it to the post office to mail a copy to myself tomorrow, proof of the originality of the idea.

Tonight I also wrote up an agreement. An agreement to help a friend in Georgia get back on her feet. This time, there will be a signed agreement. More of a symbol than anything else. I have deeds and promissory notes, and no monthly payments, in fact, 2 homes that I know of have foreclosed already. Definitely just a symbol. But, at least I attempted to have something to prove that I expected a return on my investment.

I see all kinds of promise on the horizon. And I am full of hope for the future, for my financial future. I’m looking (and asking) for a retiree from Milton Bradley, or Parker Brothers, from Dell Puzzles. IF YOU ARE OUT THERE, I will find you!

This coming week brings the opportunity to work for a friend, to work for friends, and to work for myself.

Bring it on!

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