Social Security – I’m in!!

13 Apr

ok, not that exciting when you consider WHAT I’m in…but I just rec’d my social security benefits statement….and I ALREADY QUALIFY!  No need to fret about getting enough hours to receive what may not exist when I am eligible to retire!!!!   YIPPEE!!

I have a feeling that EVERYTHING IS ABOUT TO CHANGE.  Bought 4 lottery tickets tonight…Fantasy 5, Mega, PowerBall and Lotto.  It is time!!!

ALSO…Today I landed a popular restaurant  who agreed to distribute flyers for me.  My friend, Selma, up in Georgia is going to make cold calls for us,  she is my advertising connection in Georgia and I’ll pick up the cash, design the flyer and she and I will split the income.

I already have another place signed up and I’ve sold a few ads for it myself.  I have 3 spaces, which I’m using to promote my latests ventures….

and I’m about to start, with my friend DJ, hosting CHOCOLATE, WINE, FACELIFT WITHOUT SURGERY, VIVIX (feel 25 years younger, live 25 years longer from Shaklee), etc., etc.,  Ladies Night Out PARTIES!   WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE

I have landed a Trivia gig on the first Monday of the month at a small place, mostly an OJT kind of thing…it’s a very small restaurant and I’m learning how to “host” trivia while helping the restaurant attract customers.

AND TONIGHT, I went to a networking mixer at Spanish Springs and caught the eye of the publisher of 3 local newspapers.  He wants me to consider selling ad space for him,  25% of each sale goes into my pocket…we are in the talking stage only, I have my other stuff going on and would like to get that started!   And my Chocolate upline, who owns a number of businesses in this area, wants me to be her stand-in for other networking events, people who are interested/sign up for CHOCOLATE will go under me and since she is my upline, we all win.

and I’m still working (probably not for long at this rate???) for which is HOW I came to find all of these other avenues. Thank you, so much, to two Villagers who wanted to fill a need by informing other Villagers!!

Mysterious ways indeed.  I have been remembering to say THANK YOU, GOD these past couple of weeks.  It’s not just words I write when I say that EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING AS IT IS SUPPOSED TO, or, when I write I KNOW IT IS GOING TO BE OK, or when I write, WE NEVER KNOW HOW _____ IS GOING TO TURN OUT, or….   There is a divine plan, I don’t really think that it’s set in stone, but I think there is a master plan to make this game of life have a good ending.

Oh, I noticed a whole new patch of grey today…probably from the LACK OF SLEEP…but once the cash starts rolling in (WHEN MY LOTTERY TICKETS HIT, astrologer be gone!!  I WILL WIN THE LOTTERY DARN IT!!!) I can buy VIVIX myself and with the Galvanic Spa I can remain 55 forever.

I will probably end up with Joan Rivers on speed dial.  But will never go under the knife, we can just sit side by side and look someone else’s age!!

I watched a whole group of silver hairs dancing the night away at MARGARITA REPUBLIC.  I’m gonna be one of them.

Also met a woman, the wife of one of the networking group, who, when asked, “what do you do?” replied NOTHING.


Of course, I won’t DO nothing all day long, but AH, the luxury of being able to say, when asked “what do you do?”…

out loud and with GUSTO….


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