Time management. Huh?

14 Apr

Recently I heard the words, “it’s ok to say NO!”

No. No. No.

Yesterday this rambling focused on NOTHINGness.  Not really meaning that NOTHING is the goal, just that it would be sweet to be able to do anything desired, whenever desired.

So….Will Susan learn to say no and capitalize on chosen paths?  Or will she continue to say Yes to every request that is made of her?

6 months ago, after more than 18 months of job searching, Susan (wink, wink) landed a job at a local College, teaching Introduction to Computer Science Concepts.   Even that position came with an “I am not sure you are the right person…”, but at least it was a job.

If you’ve read this blog, you know that the hours/pay ratio was hardly worth the effort and it was with relief that the end of the semester came.  Not that there wasn’t enjoyment in presenting the material, it was encouraging to see the students demonstrate that they, too, had enjoyed the class.   The point is that there is so much more that could have been done with that time.  But at the time, there was no way to know that.  A conundrum?  Or, similar to the concept??

Involvement with The-Villages-Online.com has opened a lot of doors, and has brought a lot of good experiences, and opportunity… and awareness of the quality of time well spent.

You definitely can’t measure an experience by the amount of income generated.

How to know when to say no, and when to do everything you can to help, ah, how sweet to be able to know the difference…thinking AA here…God grant me the serenity.   God grant me SLEEP.  God grant me TIME.  God grant me the ability to say NO.

And then, I am reminded, that my anxiousness to “do what I want to do”, my lamenting that “I can’t follow my dreams while I’m ….”, all of this wasted energy is simply that.  Wasted energy.  Either I believe that everything happens for the best, or I don’t.   I’m not saying passivity is the goal…but more than anything, awareness of how I’m spending my time, coupled with the realization that in giving of myself, I’m helping make someone’s experience on this earth better.  At least that is the hope.  I mean, the thought has crossed my mind, IF I DON’T HELP ____, who’s going to do the kind of job I would do?

I’ve also been told (where did Susan go???) that I don’t value myself.  Maybe in the eyes of others that is the case.  And maybe I’m just fooling myself, because I do value the contribution I make to the people around me, and if it is at my expense…well, that just means something better will come of it.

Just heard on the news that schools, or some schools, are prohibited from giving students an “F” grade.  How wonderful not to be labeled a failure, even if, by established standards, your work is considered failing.  I say that from this side of 50.  Regarding a student who is supposed to be learning how to strive to be better, not sure that prohibiting the grade of an “F” is such a smart thing to do.  No pun intended.

I suppose, when the time is right, or when she “hits bottom” time-wise, Susan will step up to the plate and say NO.

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