15 May

There is a Country and Western song about thanking God for unanswered prayers.  I am thankful for answered prayers.

I have been expecting good things AND I’ve been asking for confirmation that I’m on the right path.   I’ve said a prayer, sometimes more than once a day, and I’ve “let it go” expecting the best.   While there are people “out there” in far more serious situations than the kind I find myself in, I am still in a position where I want to believe in a higher power, and so I ask for help.

I’m receiving answers.

Today another answer.  I sat at a crossroad, LITERALLY.  I contemplated taking the right turn, to drive to a business where I’ve attempted to sell advertising on 2 separate occasions.  The business had not called me back.  I am now representing a new publication, someone I met today. So, armed with a new product to offer, I decided to go back again.

When I walked in the door, the receptionist recognized me and said that they were not interested in my personal advertising offer.  I said ok, but I mentioned the two other people I’m working for, and she wanted to know more.  I’m to come back on Monday because the offers of advertising for the other publications are something the office would like.

If this episode alone isn’t enough to provide proof of the good that can be made evident simply by asking, I don’t know what is. (there was more to this “episode”, but I’ve modified the text in order to be safe.  The rest of the article had to do with a craigslist ad which turned out positively, but to share the data online is not safe…Suffice it to say, something wonderful happened that day when I turned right, into fear, instead of left into avoidance of fear.)

Gratitude.  I say “thank you God for everything” every day, it’s even programmed on my cell phone when it powers up.   I will not lie and say I don’t have doubt and fear creep up when I get tired, or when something happens which isn’t something I would have wished to happen…but these past 6 months have given me the stage upon which I’m learning to trust that there is hope for a better tomorrow.  I am truly grateful.

Oh, one more thing…today I met with a publisher of a local free magazine.   I showed him my personal advertising product and he gave me the names of 2 people to contact…they both purchased an ad from me!   I think I could learn to love this new road I’m on.  Except that I already love it…every day is a Beautiful Day in The Villages!!

I stepped away and remembered another thing to be grateful for (there are so many…).   I get to eat chocolate 3-4 times a day!  AND I AM LOSING WEIGHT!  And I am sleeping better.  And my mood has improved.  People tell me that I’m looking better (rest will do that for a person).

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