Alligators come into your life for a season…

28 May

I’m fascinated by this little 3-4 foot gator who has arrived in one of the 3 retention ponds out back…his/her home is apparently the lake beyond the 3 retention ponds.  Neighbors tell me they are surprised that it took this long into May before the first sighting.  And, it appears, I AM THE FIRST to spread the word!  I’ve got work to do, and I’m already late in doing it, having just spent 30 mins watching the little gator surface, submerge and resurface.

Life is good.

Except for the fact that, now, I appear to be addicted to watching gator(s).

30 minutes or so have gone by…the gator is now sunning on a patch of grass between 2 of the retention ponds…there is also a Blue Heron, a pair of ducks and a couple of other kinds of birds I am not familiar with, all of them enjoying the results of all the rain we’ve had here in Florida.

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