A lot of talk about miracles…

9 Jun

Thoughts of Roland (rescued kitten) this morning, as I start my day.

Recorded some of the income that has come in this week on the calendar, it’s another way I’ve found to recognize the blessings I receive.

The different beaked (can I say that?) white birds are out back, right up to the back of the house, so close that when I walked out there not realizing they were visiting, I scared them all away.  They didn’t go to far, just to the edge of the ponds.   It is interesting, long and short orange beaks, curved beaks, black short beaks, along with one or two with a tuft of brown feathers sticking out from the back of their little heads.  One white bird looks a little dirty, almost like he’s survived an oil spill somewhere.

I was so fascinated by the Roseate fellow yesterday that I did some reading last night and learned that they usually are found in groups and that when their coloring is less vibrant it means they are a younger bird.  I wonder if this poor little lone Roseate is lost.  He’s not out there today, maybe he found his family…I prefer to believe that that is just the way it is.  He’s with family.

Also, last night, along with dealing with computer issues (my free 30 day trial of Adobe Acrobat expired, so I thought I’d use one of my other accounts to get another 30 days, didn’t work…appears they have something set on the PC so that even if I uninstall the copy I was using and reinstall, somehow it knows), I decided to listen in to an old friend who hosts webinars.  I wanted to see if there was some way to recover the lost income in my 401k, which was exactly what the webinar was about.   More computer issues, couldn’t hear the PC version, called in on my cell and midway through, it decided to drop the call.  But when it was over, my cell phone rang and it was my friend.  He’s calling again today to share some information with me, talk about personal financial services!

Come to find out, he’s also an Ad man, has won awards.  He’s reviewing my flyers and says there may be some things I can do to produce much needed income.

A lot of talk about miracles…stay tuned.

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