Baby Gators and more Miracles

16 Jun

The other day I was talking about the lack of rain in this “rainy season”.

It has rained every day since.

And there are TRUE baby gators out back now…one the size of my hand, one the size of my forearm.  The baby gators I’ve spoken about before were the size of my arm.  And, of course, there was the BIG gator…as big as my whole body.

Tonight I came home from the grocery, it was dusk, and there was a BAT on my garage door.

The bush next to the garage is a baby frog bush…there are so many little frogs it is as if the bush is alive, it actually MOVES.  Until you look closely and you see that it’s just a bush full of baby frogs.

When it rains, the baby frogs climb up the house and from the back room you can see frogs on the windows, and out the sliding glass door, there are frogs on the screened in porch, even on the screen top of the screen porch.  FROGS everywhere.

Miracles?  I made a few sales of my ads today.   I will be able to deposit enough money tomorrow to pay a nice chunk of the rent for next month.  I made a contact which may result in a real JOB.  One with stock options and which could, very well, make me a wealthy woman.  All because I stopped, stepped out of the fear, to ask another business owner if she would like to purchase an ad in my flyer.  She said yes.  And then, when I asked for a jpg of her logo…she said, ” I can’t get to the network from my PC “.   AND, I FIXED IT!   I was handsomely rewarded.  I made a friend.  And, I found a home for my $3200 NEOX Reclining Massage chair!!   And, she wants to buy my Sunlight Solo Sauna.


Gotta love it!

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