Moorhen’s Example

14 Jul

I didn’t even know what a Moorhen is…until I took the time to look it up today.  Gotta love Google!!

I was working at the pc when I heard this stressed bird squawking out back…and that’s when I saw a Moorhen (not sure if it was the male or the female bird) telling the Sand Cranes, in no uncertain terms, to “move on”.

The Sand Crane is about 15-20 times larger than the Moorhen (larger is not quite the term I’m looking for, but it will do)…and the pair of cranes was headed towards the pond where the Moorhen family (mom, dad, and babies) were swimming.

When I realized the Moorhen was protecting the family, I also noticed that one of the babies (there have been three) was missing.  I have wondered over the past weeks if the gators might make a dent in the family, but so far, everyone is alive and well.  Thankfully.

But, the reason that I am writing about this event is that, as the Moorhen in charge did successfully divert the Sand Cranes (I’m guessing the cranes had NO INTEREST whatsoever in the family of duck/hens), I noticed that the other baby Moorhen was in the middle pond, alone.
The parent with the two babies had herded them into a patch of tall grass and they were safely hidden, but the lone baby was defenseless, EXCEPT for the squawking bird still chasing the Sand Cranes from that very same middle pond.

In order to get to the lone baby, the defender had to leave the first pond and cross over the grassy area.  I’m assuming it was the proud papa who emerged from the water with feathers fanned out, probably to make himself look larger than life.  The Sand Cranes continued moving away and were oblivious to the fanfare plumage.

Mom and the two babies were also headed towards the lone baby, carefully peaking out from the tall grass to see that matters were under control.  Papa made his way to the baby, and as I type, all five of them are in the middle pond, apparently looking for food.

Today I was in a situation where I needed a proud papa to come to my rescue.   It appears that the IRS has been looking for me in New Orleans…even though, this past April, I sent in an extension for my 2008 taxes, along with my Florida address.

Not having a local family member in the immediate area to squawk in my defense, I realized I was alone, EXCEPT for my heavenly Father…and it was to him that I asked for assistance.  Without going into detail, I made the phone calls I needed to make, I faced my weakness, and my fear and I made it though the day.

More than one of the people I spoke to today said they would keep me in prayer.  I expressed that I was confident that everything is already under control, and thanked them for remembering me in prayer.  By the afternoon, options were presented to me and I am at peace again.

I think there will come a time when, no matter what happens, the peace will be the given, not something to return to after the event.  For now, I am happy to be reminded to ask for help, to expect to be taken care of (not by anyone in particular, and not that I’m letting someone here on earth be responsible for me), and to say thank you when that help comes.  Just as those times when it appears that EVERYTHING IS ROSY, and it turns out that there are thorns…in this case, when it appeared that EVERYTHING WAS !#%*)$, it turns out not to be so bad.

I like that.

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