Harry Potter sent me an OWL!!

18 Jul

It’s dusk…8:38PM.

I am listening to President Obama on Anderson Cooper’s 360 on CNN.   So, there is background noise as I heard a noise…

The noise persisted and eventually I recognized it as a screeching of some sort.  I had just closed the blinds in the back room which offers the view to the 3 ponds and the lake in the back yard…sat back down at the PC and heard it again…above the TV.

I went out to the sliding glass door and opened the blinds…I looked up and there was a HUGE OWL.  I was in awe.  I wanted to get the camera, but I thought that the owl probably wouldn’t hang around waiting to be photographed.

I was right, as I watched, the owl turned its head and then flew off, JUST LIKE YOU SEE IN HARRY POTTER SCENES….what a huge wingspan…
So cool.  So cool.    20 minutes before hearing/seeing the owl, I saw two baby gators swimming close together…one crawled out of the water to eat a frog, before returning to the water.  There was a turtle swimming and bobbing from one side of the pond to another.  Before that there were so many birds feeding…I even saw a bird pull a small snake out of the pond, I watched the snake wrap itself around the birds beak..and I watched the bird shake it’s head to loosen the grip…it took nearly 5 minutes before the bird ate the snake.  I wondered if the snake would bite from inside the belly of the bird, or maybe bite on the way down to the stomach (DO BIRDS EVEN HAVE STOMACHS?).  I have noticed in the past few days that the parent Moorhens are leaving the three babies on their own more and more, but when a huge turtle, it’s shell glistening in the sun got to close, I saw one baby race to where it’s mom or dad was swimming.  It occurred to me that the animals don’t have a protector, I mean, frogs and minnows are eaten, snakes are eaten, the baby sand crane stopped appearing with it’s mom and dad…there’s no one to keep them safe.  With the murder, theft, and other crimes occurring daily in the human sphere, there is also mayhem in their world.  I pray for my dog.  I pray that angels make her comfortable, make sure she has water, and perhaps make it a possibility that she is walked and played with and not left out back, alone and with no fresh water.

There are no guarantees in life.  For humans, for the wildlife.  There is existence.  For some, it is a pleasant existence.  For some,  it is an unpleasant existence.

There is beauty all around, and at the same time, there is pain and suffering.  Some say that hell is here on earth.  On days like today, I have to wonder if that isn’t true.

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