AND MOM?? definitely 4 babies…but now a larger gator has also appeared!

20 Jul

She’s waiting just beyond the middle pond, having come from the bigger lake behind all three ponds…

This place is magical.

That’s all I can say…


I just watched for the past 13 minutes…the big gator (maybe not the mom, but a sibling? this one is only as big as my leg and about as round as my thigh, not the monster I’ve seen in the past) swam from the end of the retention pond, under the barrier (not sure what to call it), nearly 3/4’s of the way and then submerged.  I watched in vain for the grass to move, but except for some bubbles and one tiny movement of grass, I “lost” sight of the animal and I think it’s gone into the culvert and is on it’s way under the street to the other side of the preserve.

The two, maybe three gators are still on the side of the bank, and one has moved over to another pond…and the one on the culvert got into the water, probably when the big one went into the culvert??

No matter, still magical.

And now, a huge storm is forming to the northwest…it’s clouds about to cover the sun as it sets.  The back porch is covered with a tin roof…hopefully I’ll get to hear the raindrops again…reminds me of the choir thunderstorm (click here) which is amazing if you haven’t heard or seen it before, check it out….

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