No rain, It’s hot, What’s going to happen next?

26 Jul

The ponds are drying up and it’s been weeks since the Sandhill Cranes (not red headed cranes, or sand cranes, but Sandhill Cranes!) have been out back.  The Moorhen family is growing up and just now heading to the safety of the brush at the big lake for the evening.  There is ONE big white bird (no idea what it is) and 6-7 of the smaller white birds with the really long and curved orange bills.  I saw a garden snake outside my window a few days ago, it was “diving” into the grass apparently looking for food and it was interesting to watch it weave in and out of the blades of grass, it’s head disappearing and then reappearing in another spot.  The squirrel was on the screen again today, with another bunch of dry mowed grass in it’s mouth…scampering over to the palm tree and up into the top where there must be a nest.   There have been violent storms in Florida the past couple of days, but nothing here, except the evidence of violent storms elsewhere…we can see and hear the lightning and thunder.  The billowing clouds surround us and then pass on, but the nightly news tells of the downpours and tornadic activity elsewhere.

I wonder about the fish that arrived by unknown means into the ponds…will they die when the water evaporates.  Today when I swept the front porch there were dried carcasses of frogs and a lizard who couldn’t get outside to the water and the grass, what it must have been like for them.  Yesterday I “freed” a wasp trapped in the garage.  While I stepped over the dead roaches, the ones who must have come into contact with the bug spray I fired at one two nights ago.  I’ll free a wasp, but nearly every time I see a roach I get out the toxic chemicals to cause harm to the both of us…it’s not that I want to kill anything.  But, roaches?

Yesterday I took some time to go and play.  Went to see “Harry Potter” and said the words Harry Potter with a fake English accent as I raced to the theatre from the house I was cleaning.  Harie Pottah.  Over and Over.  While I drove the golf cart!   Then I went dancing at the Squares, went to both and even hit Katie Belle’s.  So now it’s time to pay the piper.   Work needs to be completed by the time I go to bed!

Applications to fill out, Forms to fill out, Lists to be made.  It’s the beginning of another week.

I’ve been going to Village View Community Church the last 3 Sundays…it’s nice to be reminded of God’s blessings, the kind you see every day and take for granted.    There is a link there if you want to listen to any of the sermons.

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