Making it Rain

31 Jul

The Villages have been surrounded by rain clouds, and we have seen the lightning and heard the thunder, but just haven’t had any rain.  The three ponds out back are drying up, the longest one already showing the ground as the water evaporates.  The bigger birds have stopped showing up, I don’t know if it’s the lack of water in the pond, OR the lack of the bird seed the lady over on the other side of the preserve usually puts out to feed them.  She must be up north, because I haven’t seen her and the birds (ducks, too) no longer camp out over there.  But, back to the rain…there hasn’t been any.

So, today I decided to take the golf cart out…the clouds were dark, and the lightning and the thunder were off in the distance…I thought, maybe, if I were in the golf cart a good enough distance from the house, just maybe it might bring on the rain.  Sort of like when you just wash your car and it rains.


But I came home in the dark and so I can’t see if there was enough of a downpour to temporarily fill up the middle pond where the rain from the streets pours in…when that happens the tall grass that is growing in the pond, near the spillway, flattens in the rush.  When the rain stops, the grass returns to it’s upright position and everything returns to normal.

I’ll find out tomorrow.

All of the ponds need some fresh water…even the runoff from the street with the oil and debris mixed in.

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