2 Aug

While I was cleaning a house today, after church, IT RAINED.

I just arrived home to find ALL THE PONDS higher than when I left, which is a miracle in itself, because ONLY the middle pond gets the run off rom the streets!

AND, the ponds are teaming with life again.  There is a little alligator facing my window (in the pond) and he’s in the act of eating something…I think a frog.  His head is out of the water as he chews.  One of the beautiful white birds (I still haven’t looked up the name) is staring at the gator as he eats.  And, the longer I watch, it’s as if the little gator is also staring down the bird!

The baby moorhens are nearly the size of the mom (or dad?) and except for the coloring, you couldn’t really tell which are the babies.  One of the parents has been absent for 2 weeks or more now.  And that baby duck I wrote about a week or so ago, the one all alone…turned out to be one of the moorhens.  When swimming they look like a duck, but when on land, they look more like a chicken/duck .

It is still thundering in the distance, I’ve dropped a hard as a rock frozen ice pack on my left foot and it is throbbing, I’m late for a birthday party and life outside goes on.

Inside too.  There will be cake at the party and I haven’t eaten yet…but the toast is toasting and I have fresh Buffalo tomatoes from the Marion Flea Market sliced and ready to make a sandwich.  Some salad dressing, salt and pepper.   Mmmmmm.

Another memory…two night ago, I was working at the computer at dusk…outside of the dining room window is the screened in porch with a peaked roof, also made of screen.  The owl screeched and this time I knew immediately what it was…and, a slight turn of my head and there he/she was…not at the peak this time, and not as big as the first owl I saw, but there…   It was incredible.   I watched the owl watching the ponds until he/she flew away.

It’s a good life.

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