Full Moon in August and…a lunar eclipse

5 Aug

Copied this from a website —>

“This is a unique lunar eclipse in that it’s the third lunar eclipse of the season, and second this summer.  For horoscope and astrology lovers, this rare occurrence will bring out the Aquarian influences in your life.  This full moon lunar eclipse brings the sun’s rays shining in its home sign of Leo ruling matters of creativity, children, playfulness, leisurely activities, and love affairs; while the Moon will occupy Aquarius, the sign known for its futuristic take on life, humanity, science, knowledge, and social groups.  While it’s possible that no major event may occur during this special time, your sensitivities are heightened as some lingering events may come to a close…quite unexpectedly.  For the rest of us, well, it’s going to be a beautiful lunar eclipse.  Enjoy!”

Here in The Villages, The Village of Rio Ponderosa to be exact…the full moon is shining on the water that’s still left in the pond.  There is so much activity in the pond that it looks just like videos of two or three expressways all being displayed on the same screen at the same time.  Actually, it also looks like raindrops falling on the surface of the water…minnows? frogs? water bugs? (do water bugs exist??)…

Anyway, according to the article above, the eclipse took place at 8:55, just after sunset.  I missed it.   But, I didn’t miss the activity in the pond.  In the moonlight.

I even saw the baby gator in the reflection of the moon.   I had to move around, small movements, in order to follow the movement of the gator.  If I blinked, sometimes, I would have to move around a few times in order to find him again.  As the moon rose higher, I could only find him in the light of the reflection… it was impossible to find him in the actual reflection.  UNLESS I stood on a chair.   Eventually, even a chair was no help.

Occasionally,  I could see a bat fly past in front of the screened porch I was safely standing inside.   And, I could hear the owl screeching from somewhere other than the top of my screened porch.  The frogs were “singing”.  Earlier today, I saw two butterflies fly past the lanai window.  There were 4 ducks, the younger Blue Heron was back, the 4 Moorhen’s (one parent is still missing) were swimming in a group or separately as they meandered from pond to pond.  I didn’t see the small gator until just before the moon came up…he (not sure why I want to call the gator he, but it just feels right)  was coming back into the pond from the culvert.  He’s getting bigger, nearly as big as my forearm now.  There were 2 turtles playing in one pond, by playing I mean bobbing up and down near each other, their little heads popping out of the water when they weren’t simply causing ripples when their shells would nearly break the surface.   Again, I don’t know the names of the white birds with the long, curved, and sometimes dirty, bills.  There were 10-15 of them out back.  And, a few others that I don’t know the names of…still haven’t seen the Sandhill Cranes.

As night fell, each kind of bird in a group, would fly towards the north.  Never noticed that before.

It is peaceful here.  It’s good to be here.  There is evidence of a higher power here.

God is good.

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