Today, A Hawk

8 Aug

I happened to walk into the back room just as a commotion overhead brought with it a couple of small birds chasing a large hawk. The hawk landed on the roof of a house nearby and the birds flew off. The Moorhen started chattering and the three little ones (no longer babies) gathered together. The three pairs of ducks who have been out back all day long seemed oblivious to the newcomer. But the little gator (no longer a baby), took cover in what’s left of the shrinking pond, just as the hawk flew to the bank near where the gator had been sunning. It’s been nearly 30 minutes now and the smaller birds are still annoying the hawk, but to no avail. The hawk has found a perch on the water level indicator (not sure what it really is) which is now fully exposed since the water has receded. This perch is the very structure that the big gator would swim under to get back and forth from the bigger body of water just beyond the retention ponds.

The hawk is still maintaining a position even after 2 cups of tea and a break in my afternoon work schedule.

This is a great place to live. Through these blog posts, I’ll remember this time in my life with fondness. I’ve been very happy here…even though there have been other challenges. I see the same challenges taking place out back. And life just keeps going on. Even as the water dries up.

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