Before I forget again…

20 Aug

A couple of days ago, I responded to an ad for a room in a hotel in The Villages.  It’s up on 441 and would be convenient to the post office box, to the locations where I work at the odd jobs I find, and it’s near Spanish Springs.   The ad was for one room, all utilities included, at just under $700.  Smaller than what I have now, but not shared with anyone and affordable.

Turns out the ad is a special, is only for this month, and like most everything in The Villages, will go up to $1500!!! soon.   $1500 for one room.  In an old hotel.  Only in The Villages!

I sadly explained that I would have to pass on the room.

The attendant immediately saw my distress and she told me of a friend of hers who has a place in Water Oaks.  Water Oaks is near The Villages, would be equidistant from both squares (and my PO Box)…and I like Water Oaks.

I’ll be sure to update this post with details as I learn them.   Suffice it to say…there are kindhearted people everywhere.  Answers, or the hope of potential answers, to prayers.

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