Before I forget…

20 Aug

Last night, after a long day of computer work, I went into the closed in lanai to lie on the sofa and watch a storm that was approaching.

Just as I got comfortable, from above the roof of the house, I saw the large Owl fly across the pond to the same tree he/she flew to weeks ago.  I said “thank you” out loud.   Had I not taken some time for myself…I never would have seen the owl.

A couple of minutes before I decided to take a break, I had noticed a turtle on one of the banks between two ponds out back.  I couldn’t get to the camera in time so I missed the shot.

I watched the lightning for awhile and saw the clouds come closer.   I thought I might have caught the blur of the Owl flying off to the east (across the large pond), and when I checked the perch in the tree, I could no longer see the bird…figured the blur must have been the Owl.

I got up to look at the ponds as the light grew dimmer and dimmer…there was the turtle…on the opposite shore of the pond he/she had entered earlier.

While I watched, the Owl flew in from the East and landed right on the same bank where the turtle was sitting.  A couple of seconds passed.  The turtle turned and made a beeline back to the safety (?) of the water.   It was very hard to see by now, the sun had long since set.  But I could make out the white around the neck of the Owl as he/she sat there in the grass, turning his/her head to survey the area.  After a while, the owl flew away.

As I’ve said so many times already, I LOVE IT HERE!

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