Midnight Shuttle Launch

28 Aug

I went to bed at 10:15PM or so…and nearly two hours later…still awake.

After the second time up, checked the clock to find the shuttle was nearing the time for lift-off…so…what the heck…out to the back porch and just like the last daytime shuttle, from the comfort of this place I now call home…I watched the launch.   After a couple of tries, this time the sky lit up behind the trees and after what seemed like minutes, there it was…

The shuttle launch at night allows one to view the shot a lot longer than during the day…which can be some cause for alarm.  I had to turn on the TV to find out that all was going well…because from where I was watching, it appeared that the shuttle was falling from the sky…

It wasn’t…a perfect shot, and after a few more minutes…word that everything was still perfect and that the shuttle and crew were safely in orbit.

Thank goodness.

After talk of mechanical issues which stopped the last attempt…you have to wonder when the shuttle seems to be going sideways instead of UP after lift-off.  I know, I know…the curvature of the earth, etc., etc…  During the daylight shot you don’t really get to see evidence of the curvature that you see during a night shot.

Food and Science and Humans on the way into space.  With a piece of exercise equipment.

Gotta love it.

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