Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!

18 Nov

My last day as a Villager was 10/31/09.

Over the next 3 weeks…more of the similar journey I’ve been on these past few years.

Wondering if I should legally change my name to Job, or just wait until the next “bottom” has been reached. Still house-sitting and visiting family and friends, not living IN the Jeep, but out of the Jeep. The majority of my belongings in storage, eventually I set off in the Jeep with the stuff I “need” for daily use.

Thankfully, I don’t have children to feed or house, I don’t have elderly parents needing financial help…however, I do have a vehicle to cart my belongings around in…not the grocery cart or bicycle with plastic grocery bags tied to any open space. I have family and friends who are willing to let me “bunk” for as long as necessary. Anyone who has had company stay “too long” might be aware of the inconveniences of having someone in “your space”…not only do I tend to take on my own emotional responses…I also tend to “be considerate” and take on the emotional make-up of those around me. I know how I would feel, how I would relish my privacy restoration…and so, I tend not to stick around too long in any one place. “On the road again” has become my theme song.

I’ll have a permanent place to stay this coming Sunday…and I am looking forward to a return to normalcy. AND A RETURN TO THE VILLAGES! I don’t know yet if I’ll be able to get a resident’s card…but, there is always hope!!

The reason for this email…I received a speeding ticket while in Georgia. Trying to get all my errands run in preparation for picking up my Mustang and driving back to Florida…I passed the school crossing guard at around 2:13PM, wasn’t driving fast, just driving…school was still in session and there were no children in sight. NONE OF THAT CROSSED MY MIND until AFTER the fact…while I sat in the Jeep wondering “WHY??” I was sitting there with a speeding ticket, having been told I could call the clerk of the court to explain why I couldn’t be there for the court date. This was after I told the patrolman that, for all intents and purposes, I was “homeless”, facing bankruptcy and wondering if I was going to make it back to Florida safely. He simply said “It’s my job to enforce the law” and calmly returned to his vehicle and drove away. I sat there in shock. I had made a u-turn to go in the direction of the school zone, because I knew this would be the last time I would be in the area and I wanted to get one more look at my previous home town. I visited the court clerk, tears in my eyes, and was given a 30-day extension to give me time to get a job and save up the money to pay the fine.

The trip home was uneventful. I was so happy to arrive safely without the use of a tow truck. I even celebrated…rented “The Ugly Truth” and took a hot shower before watching the movie.

This morning, retrieved some of the cash I’ve put away to live on, and drove to the bank to make a deposit. That’s when I learned I had a $99 overdraft fee. I had believed that the debit card would not “work” if there were no funds, and I was thankful that I was able to do the things I needed to get back home, the card just kept purchasing gas and food, it was a miracle. Not quite…the miracle was yet to come…keep reading!

As I faced the loss of even more of the money I have left, both to pay for the traffic ticket and the $99 fee for overdrafts, I wasn’t aware that a miracle was waiting. I should have known!!

The bank employee is a woman of faith…and she took the time to speak with me about how “it could be worse”, as well, as reminding me, “it’s only money”. She told me to “LOOK UP” and she pointed out how beautiful the weather was outside. I shared with her that for some time I’ve felt abandoned, even dismissed, by God.

One of the many examples, I find a nice place to live, but it is marred by lingering cigarette smoke smell which survived carpet cleaning, a new air filter and “hot thermal fog”. I find jobs that I can easily and happily do, I apply, but I am not hired. I make a u-turn so that I can get one last glimpse of my GA homeland and I get a speeding ticket in a school zone I didn’t really notice because of everything on my mind, so much to do before returning to Florida. I repeatedly use a bank card thinking that it “won’t work” if the money is not there, only to find that as long as the account shows a balance, the card DOES work. These are just a few of the examples of what has been happening…

Anyway, Trudy asked me to keep in touch and to stop back by to see her on occasion. She said that she, and the other bank employees, are “family” and that they care about me. She said she would pray for me. She told me to look up, look for the positive, to have faith. All kinds of things which I know…but sometimes…sometimes…

I know that LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE and I know, “don’t sweat the small stuff”. I know that I AM STRONGER than I’vefelt these past months. I have it good compared to a lot of people. And, I am capable of “making it”…I can still clean houses, do computer work…and MAYBE, I’ll find the RIGHT job…and everything will be “right” again.

I am always reminded that EVERYTHING IS RIGHT already.

The proof??

After Trudy’s prayers today…I received a phone call.

Edna, the court clerk where I received the ticket, was recording the new traffic tickets and noticed that I had received an extension date. She called to let me know that the officer had written WARNING in big red letters on the face of the ticket at some point after he had pointed out the court date at the bottom. She said she would be sending me a letter to let me know the ticket was taken care of…no worries.

All I could do was say “thank you, thank you”. For 2 hours after receiving the news, I was still saying “thank you”. Thank you, God.

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