A Stranger in a Wonderland: Cigarette Smoke

1 Dec

The miracles keep happening…and I’m still grateful.

Needed a window unit fan, one of those dual kind, for the garage. It’s WINTER. But, I’m in Florida and figured, Floridians can use a fan nearly all year round, if you don’t count those few days when it’s cold.

No fans. It’s WINTER. Not a Target, not at Home Depot. Not the season, lady, don’t you see all of the Christmas decorations????

The guys at Home Depot said “you can check, see what we have left” and sent me off to two different locations. I didn’t find what I wanted, but I KNEW there just had to be ONE fan under the roof for me.

One of the guys went off to search aisle 9 where I had already looked with no success. The other guy took me to the back of the appliance aisle where we found 2 of those HUGE shop fans…with a bunch of fancy gadgets. GRANTED, the huge fan would better serve my purpose (pulling cigarette smoke out of a garage), but a huge fan would be overkill.

I patiently waited…and, yes, my hunch (wish, hope, intuition) was right!! The aisle 9 guy came back carrying the perfect, white, 2 fan unit I was expecting.

Not bad for a days work!

5 days later however, we’ve learned that the fan works well when sitting in front of it, having ONE cigarette (my new roommate, the home owner, smokes)…but, it seems that 6 cigarettes in 2 hours would require the $99 huge fan with all the bells and whistles.

The homeowner is smoking out in the driveway again, with all the windows at the front of the house closed, with the garage door closed.

Thankfully it’s getting warmer again, we’ve had a few cold nights recently.

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