Cancer or “Can, sir?”

27 Dec

Finally took some time to go sit in the dark and be entertained…saw “Up in the Air” and “Did you hear about the Morgans?” – the title of this post is from the first movie. A airline stewardess asks George Clooney’s character if he’d like the whole can by saying “Can, sir” such that it sounded like “Cancer?”  He had her repeat the phrase and when he still didn’t understand, then she slowly enunciated “Can, sir?”

Guess I’ve beat that scene and explanation to death…so, on to the topic at hand.


Our Christmas plans were modified to accommodate a friend who is dying of colon cancer.  A friend of my sister’s  is also dying of colon cancer.  On Christmas day, I learned that the husband of another friend of mine actually died over the holidays…it appears he went happily…in his easy chair with a blanket on his lap and the TV remote in his hand.  The police officer summoned to the house, requested when the husband didn’t call his kids for Christmas day, said it looked like he didn’t suffer any pain, just went to sleep.  For that, my friend was indeed grateful.  No one knows when he died, the family had left the previous Friday for the chilly north.  It just wasn’t like him NOT to call the kids on Christmas.

There are all kinds of cancer.  The kind that doctors can find during routine tests.  The kind that shows up on your skin years after you spent hours baking in the sun.  And there is the non-standard kind, the cancer of the soul, the heart and mind.

There is the child raised as an only child, given the full attention of the family, expecting that same adoration as an adult and who can’t understand, even late into life, why “everyone is against me”.   Unable to see that the selfish demands to be heard, admired, and the like, are not something the rest of the world has the time, desire or ability to offer to any adult, not like they were offered to the child.   There is no one against this adult child, no one but the adult child who can’t accept that the world doesn’t revolve around oneself.

There is the child, raised to believe that the ills of the parent are the result of that child’s existence, who carries the burden of taking care of everyone but him or herself…rather than to be found “inconsiderate”.    Time spent on self  is thought to be selfish, instead of nourishment for the soul.

There is the child, more sensitive than many,  who carries, more than the rest, the pain of the domesticated and then abandoned animals of the world…left to fend for themselves, sometimes in fenced in areas where there is no access to water, or food…left to starve.

The Bible teaches us that this life, this painful, depressing existence, is the result of Adam and Eve not following God’s rule so very long ago.   No more easy living…instead strife, heartache and pain.   What a wonderful legacy to be passed down for eternity.

Better living through chemistry?   Trazadone cures the cancer of depression, for some folks.   As long as it is ingested, it tends to take away the dull ache of the “quiet desperation”  and allows the song to be heard, even if it is never released.

Others offer that Jesus, and the salvation he brings, is the path to a joyful life.  Ask any Christian, ANY Christian…from where I stand, Jesus is another form of “better living through chemistry”…allowing believers to be able to CHOOSE to have hope and faith in a “better tomorrow”.  While loved ones suffer and die anyway.

What a cheerful, upbeat, piece this is…guess it’s partly due to watching “Up in the air” today…or maybe it’s just rambling on about what goes on in the world every day…Tiger Woods, even with all the money and accolades, the wife and family…still unsatisfied.   Brittany Murphy…cabinet full of prescriptions.

Is it the “end times” that is the reason for the strife, or is this life just more of the same heartache and struggle that has been going on for as long as there has been written word talking about it?   We used to have clean water, unpolluted food chains, forests and wilderness where life abounded…and now…now, we have terrorists, pollution, poverty, sickness, etc.


We have cancer.

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