Can you spell bankruptcy?

27 Aug

It’s come to this.   Nearly 100K a year in income, a nice nest egg, health/dental/vision insurance, and a lot of complaining about inconsequential nonsense, to facing bankruptcy and not enough money to hire an attorney.   Thankfully, I’ve spent time learning about how to benefit from other people’s bankruptcy issues…hmmmm….is there a message in that madness???  Anyway, my prior knowledge of the bankruptcy process means that I won’t be facing the process blindly.   The NOLO 2010 Bankruptcy book also helps.

Since Mercury is retrograde again, now is the time to face the task and JUST DO IT.   Time to tie up loose ends which began unraveling in July of 2009.

Oh, it started a lot earlier than 2009, being faced with early retirement or the risk of losing medical benefits is where the fun began.   Thinking that a $20,000 course to learn to trade options was a Godsend didn’t hinder the exponential descent into a penniless world of hurt.  Oh, and that “You can make riches as a real estate investor” pitch…yeah, that wasn’t the pot of gold it was made out to be either.

I’ll have another slice of cheese to go with my whine, please.

It’s actually exciting, one of the choices, to be facing the TRUE end of years of saving and frugality, followed by 5 short years of “I did it my way”.  I have a LOT of memories, travel and lessons in the bag of experience I’m dragging around on my left shoulder.   Leaving the debt out of the equation will make the future path somewhat easier to traverse.

And, what a great time in American history to be making such a giant step for my kind.  I AM NOT ALONE.  File bankruptcy and the world files bankruptcy with you.   Live in and out of your car and the world lives in and out of, well, hopefully they have their own car to live in and out of…

It truly is a BRAVE NEW WORLD.

I think.

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