Giving to get…A little.

15 Sep

I can be a bonafide Villager.

All I have to do is give up the last tie to the past…my old driver’s license.

When I moved to Florida, there was a law allowing licensing in 2 states…I guess it had to do with snowbirds who maintained 2 residences.   But now the law requires that you give up your previous license and “become a citizen” of Florida.

The Villages rules say that it is mandatory that your Florida license show The Villages address where you reside in order to get a Villages ID.


It doesn’t matter that your car insurance has the address.  Or that your voter’s registration has the address.  Or that you receive flowers delivered to you at the address.  Or that your name and phone number is listed on the work order for the broken clothes dryer. Or that you are awakened every Wednesday morning, two or three times each Wednesday morning, by The Villages landscaping crew  as they mow, weed wack and blow the clippings away outside your bedroom window.  If your license doesn’t show the address, don’t come knocking.

So, it’s decision time.

Now that I know that I’ve got nothing left to lose, and that “they can’t take that away”…

and now that I realize that the “higher paying job” isn’t really a GOOD thing…

what’s stopping me from letting go of the past?

From letting go of the ability to move back to where I wasn’t wanted in the first place???

Very soon I may just give up the golden handcuffs, disguised as a driver license, for the RIGHT to go to line dance classes, to swim in the Recreation Center pools, and to WALK INTO KATIE BELLE’S WITHOUT A VILLAGE RESIDENT AT MY SIDE!!!!!

The song says you’ve got to give a little, to get a little.


Maybe it’s time.

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