What’s that loud scraping noise? And why is it coming from under MY CAR?

16 Sep

It started as intermittent clunking.  Or, perhaps you could call it clanking.   Another few feet and the intervals between clunks (clanks) lessen and then, what sounds like static while the radio is playing…one of the dual exhaust mufflers decides it’s time to meet the pavement permanently.   I turn on my caution blinking lights and I slow…in an effort to conserve fuel I always drive with the windows open…at a stop light someone points out that my muffler is scraping the road…actually asked me if I knew that my muffler was shooting sparks as I drove down the highway with my caution lights blinking.

She also told me that the car could possibly BLOW UP if I continued to drive it with sparks flying.

At that point in time I told her that blowing up didn’t sound like a bad idea…

But, as I continued down the road, figured it might not be wise to keep driving and I pulled over at the Water Oaks community and drove up to the gate house.  I had my AAA card in my hand and I asked the attendant if she would call them for me.   That’s when she said “I can’t do that, don’t you have a cell phone?”


I surprised myself.  I calmly said to her, “Do you really think I’d stop here, with my muffler dragging, and ask you to call AAA for me IF I HAD A CELL PHONE?”

She repeated that she couldn’t make the call.

As is my pattern, I started to cry.  I don’t often do ANGRY, my frustration is evidenced with flowing tears…

She relented…told me where to park the offending car and went in to make the call.

$521 before taxes.

My Villages neighbors will be pleased with the results!!

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