341 Meeting…sans attorney

9 Nov

Life throws some curve balls.   Sometimes you get knocked out of the game…and sometimes you get to keep playing.    Donald Trump has been there,  more than once.   He’s just one example.

When the corporate job was taken and given to another country…and when Plan B, C and D ended up crashing and burning…when the economy followed the way of Plan B, C and D…when there were no jobs to be had, even by someone with a college degree in technology, emphasis on computers…well…I guess it isn’t too far fetched to come to the conclusion that filing bankruptcy is one of the better options.

No money for an attorney, a trip to the computer and to Google to find NOLO…books to help “the rest of us” find our way through the legal system…I bought the 2010 Chapter 7 book and began working on filling out all the forms about 2-3 months BEFORE I was finally ready to file.   Then it was just a matter of waiting for the 341 meeting (today).   None of the creditors showed up…and now it’s just more waiting.  Just a couple of months and the whole thing is wrapped up and a new financial beginning will be mine.

Years of working and steady paychecks…no need for bankruptcy…mid 700’s credit score maintained…”no worries,” as they say.   And then, a somewhat forced early retirement (in order to keep medical benefits!!!), and a couple of failed business attempts, a stab at trading options (loved most of that experience…till the rude awakening), and a blindfolded attempt to be a real estate investor…all of the stability I’d known…GONE.

But it’s been exhilarating, a wild, wild roller coaster ride.   And, if the “prize” is to be living here in The Villages…I have no regrets.   None.  I’ve got two part-time contract jobs that are keeping me fed, insured, on the road and somewhat comfortable.   I’ve been blessed with a living situation that I nearly walked out on the very first month…heck…wasn’t sure I was even going to move in.   Time passes, stability is achieved…and then disrupted again…but all in all…no regrets.

Would I do it all again, make the same choices, the same decisions, take the same risks?   For the MOST part…yeah.

And that’s another story for another day…

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