Dancing with Cancer

3 Dec

It’s been nearly two weeks ago now…when I learned that two of the people I’ve watched, dancing this past year, are dying of cancer.   I had NO IDEA.

These are two people I’ve never met, two people who don’t know each other as family or friends, but who are often dancing in the same part of the square as a part of a group.

One, I haven’t seen for some time, and I wonder if she’s ok, I wonder if I’ll see her again.  I am now getting The Villages Daily Sun newspaper, and, I have to admit that I’ve scanned the obituaries, wondering if her name is among those listed.

A younger friend of mine is going through a really rough time and he’s often depressed.   I made a point of telling him about these two people who have EVERY RIGHT to be depressed and to sit at home sulking.    I’ve told him about how they are out dancing and LIVING life, making the best out of the hand they’ve been dealt.

Tonight “I” was reminded of the lesson of these two merry dancers.

When I was beginning to feel sorry for myself.

The Villages is a blessed place.

Even when it’s freezing outside!

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