Full Moon (?) over The Villages

19 Jan

The temperature reached the 80’s in Orlando today, only in the 70’s here in this place.   Instead of dancing, or watching recorded tv, I took a walk to the Spanish Springs Square.  It’s market night, and there are vendors of all kinds.   It’s January, so the snowbirds are standing in line, 2 deep, at the drink huts.   And the dancers…a country western band is bringing the many feet to life around the gazebo…bustling, hustling, and those just watching from the folded chairs…it’s like something out of a dream.   A wonderful RETIREMENT dream for most everyone.

For me it’s a chance to marvel at the full moon on display as I walked.  The air is clean, the sky is clear, the moon shining brightly.  The golf course at night is my own private walking path…on the full moon nights, a brightly lit path among the palm trees and the oaks with moss dangling from the limbs.   I LOVE IT HERE.   I love seeing nature on display.   I love the FEELING of peace.  Off in the distance, when the wind shifts, one can even hear the band playing Mustang Sally…I can just imagine the line dancers sliding away.

The new Disney cruise ship left port today, fireworks on display.   The mood on that ship must be ecstatic…folks heading off on vacation, others starting to work serving the paying customers.    Living here is like living on a ship, one that doesn’t leave the port, no chance of pirates or storms at sea.   The storms here are internal…individual.

As I walked, I wondered if Christina’s spirit is visiting the gunman as he sits alone in his cell, staring.   I wonder what he was thinking when he turned the gun on a 9 year old.   There are those who say that we are ALL of the same atoms, Hitler, Kennedy, Mother Theresa…  There are those who say that forgiveness is the key…   Something drove the hand that pulled that trigger nearly 2 weeks ago…I have to believe that, although it appears to be from a place of anger, the real source of the action was more likely pain and sadness…sorrow disguised as depression.

PBS announced that there will be more earthquakes this year, an active “season”.

An ambulance sings out as I type this post…    God bless the one for whom the siren tolls, and the loved ones who will be affected.   The beautiful full moon is shining on the home that is the destination of the vehicle…just as it shines on the ponds and lakes and oceans…

Work beckons…best get back to it!

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