Yikes, It’s February Already…

1 Feb

January came and went, but this time, THIS TIME, I have something to show for it!!!

I am a Certified (certifiable) AARP Tax Aide Volunteer!!  I start the actual volunteer work this coming Thursday!

I have three, going on four, weeks of Community Emergency Response Team training under my belt, and just last week, I put out a small fire with a fire extinguisher…first time I had ever used one!!

My paperwork for filing my own taxes is nearly 80% complete, it is actually all compiled, just needs to have the information extracted for filing.

I had the opportunity to produce some income from the two part-time jobs I hold, one of which was practically dormant for nearly four months…the “in between the mattress” funds were getting pretty low, so I’m extremely grateful for the addition!!

I ran over a huge rock, it wasn’t where a rock should be, I thought it was cardboard…but it was a rock.   The brand new muffler, installed in September took the brunt of the damage…thankfully, just had to be realigned, no holes.   BUT, I was told the motor mounts were shot and was quoted nearly $400 for the repairs.   Got a quickie second opinion today…was told there is nothing wrong with the motor mounts.  Another blessing.

However, I did find out, today, that I’m required to attend an alcohol treatment program as a caregiver…wouldn’t you know it?  On a Friday night!   Will probably do me some good!  And, maybe, like my volunteer work, something good will come out of it finance-wise.  One can hope!!!

I intend to win a Mercedes-Benz Smart car on the 5th of this month…then I can see about selling the Mustang.   Found out that it cost more than $1200 in gasoline this year…trips to Sanford, Geneva, Tampa, Orlando and Groveland…and, newly added around Thanksgiving time, the 15 mile round trip to Mission Oaks over on Hwy 301.   The Smart car will definitely come in handy for trips around town…more leg room for the passenger too!   The car is white…and I am looking forward to driving it!!

Let’s see, what else…

I watched a rabbit dart in front of my car, late one night, while returning from Mission Oaks…by some miracle, I didn’t squash the poor little thing with my own car, but clearly and distinctly heard the end of it’s life when the car next to me ran over the dashing ball of fur.   Broke my heart.  But, I’ve learned to remember that there are lots of bunnies and kitties and birdies and all manner of wildlife being smashed on the highways and bi-ways…they don’t stand a chance, but they don’t give up…sometimes they make it across.

The turtles?   A totally different story.   Opossums?   Almost hit one of them as well, while driving later in the evening when the coolness was settling in…poor things.

Speaking of poor things, there was a lonely looking older gentleman sitting alone at Panera Bread this past Sunday morning.   I was aware of him, but never took the time to make eye contact, or to say “Good Morning”…too busy reading my newspaper.   When he was finished, he politely placed his chair under the table and then shuffled away.   He had what appeared to be a bum leg.   I wanted to run after him and explain that I was going to get around to acknowledging his presence…but I didn’t.   Once again, I rationalized that there are HUNDREDS of lonely people who I can never manage to acknowledge…they are everywhere.   But, I know that story about the starfish, or some such sea creature, brought in by the tide and left to die if they don’t manage to catch a ride on the tide’s way back out…hundreds of them littering the beach and a small child throwing them, one by one, back into the water.   Someone says that she will never be able to help save them all, and she responds, I helped this one.

I didn’t help that soul…was he really lonely?   Was he doing an experiment to see if someone would look his way?   Does he prefer to sit alone and watch people?   I’ll never know.   AND, I never know what the true story is…mostly I just project what I THINK the story is…

I learned last week that a friend of mine, one I met at the Square, she found out she has breast cancer.   AGAIN.   She was operated on in 2007, and was deemed cancer free…but the cancer returned.   OR, perhaps it wasn’t fully removed the first time.

Rosanna RosannaDanna said, “it’s always something”, she even wrote a book about it.

The Black Swan is an awful movie…

Natalie Portman shows a much broader range of emotion in No Strings Attached…


Not that anyone “gives a sh–” as an old friend of mine would say.   I miss him.   I still hear from him, nearly every day…even with dementia, he still knows that I go to mom’s on Sunday.   He still reaches out.

My hands are tied.   I do not have the power to stop the slaughter of innocent little animals trying to cross the street.    I do not have the power to keep cancer at bay.   I do not have the power to battle rampant loneliness.   A part of me is envious of the Egyptians, taking an active part against a “democratic” ruler who always wins an election.

There are so many things I wanted to write here, every day…but never had (or took) the time to do so.   My access to the TV in the home has been taken from me tonight and so I DO have time to catch up on other things…sleep being the next biggie I want to attack.

It’s February.   I have a skin cancer check up tomorrow at 8:30.   Best get the “new patient” forms printed and filled out.   I can ramble on and on another day….

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