2 Apr

The  American Indian daily emails I receive had one subject this week about learning from Nature and about how it is when we stray from Nature and focus on other worldly things that we lose site of how to live…

I’m probably out in left field here, but, after the rains this week, I was so glad to see that the banks of the ponds and lakes were back up again, that the water level was higher and that …..

and then I thought about all of the birds, frogs, turtles, whatever, who may have built nests in the reeds and grassy marshes while the water level was low.

This thinking stemmed from the recent video clip of a movie, which showed the actors (Tom Hanks and that other guy who plays many roles…) talking about the Zen Buddhist…   That story where the family gets a horse and the town thinks how lucky they are to have a horse, and the Zen Buddhist says something like “we’ll see”.   And then the son falls off of the horse and breaks a leg and the town thinks how unlucky/sad it is that the son’s leg is broken and the Zen Buddhist repeats the “we’ll see” sentiment…  and, of course, the kicker…a war breaks out and the son is not called into battle because his leg is broken…

And yet, even when watching Nature, it’s something that has to be done with KNOWLEDGE or discernment or something…otherwise, it may just seem that Nature is cruel and heartless…

This week there was a bird’s nest blown from a tree during Nature’s rain and storms.   Last year I saw a baby blue jay who probably died after being blown from a nest during a freak storm…the little thing was alive when I saw it, but by the time I went back with something to contain it so I could take it (WHERE???) some place safe, it was gone…

Sometimes…it appears that life just SUCKS.

And then I remind myself that “there is a reason”.

But, what the hell reason could there be for nests flooding or being blown from a perfectly good tree branch??

I guess, at some point, you just have to BE LIKE THE BUNNY and wiggle your nose and go find a carrot.   Can’t dwell on anything too long.

P.S.   The “message” of this post may not hit you right away…but there is a LOT being said.    Maybe pretend that you’re back in junior high, and you’ve just been assigned this piece as homework…you are to find 4 messages and write a paragraph on each.  What would you come up with?

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