AA Meeting…

26 Apr

Part of my current life experience includes attending AA meetings with a recent DUI recipient.

Part of my current life experience includes living in an environment that is exceedingly stressful, not only because of someone else, but because of the way I have “chosen” to respond.

I didn’t realize how much “I” am contributing to the stressful environment, until today.

At the close of the AA meeting, we held hands and I HEARD the words as I repeated them with the rest of the attendees.


Probably most everyone knows the rest of the saying…but it was the first part that helped me remember my part in the chaos.

Years ago, Byron Katie and “The Work” helped me to gain some much needed perspective about being at peace with “life”.  And, Cheri Huber’s writings and retreats helped me learn about accepting the unacceptable, not as a victim, but as exactly the opposite.

Guess it’s time to start questioning my BELIEFS about a lot of things I’ve been looking at incorrectly.




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