It’s always something…

1 May

Another day in Paradise…interrupted.

The weather is gorgeous.   The scenery is up to par with the weather.  And, life seems carefree and open with possibilities.
And then the phone call.  A suicide in Georgia, and news of the serious ramifications of a recent stroke of an in-law which is contributing to a potentially dangerous situation for my sister’s husband’s mother.   Talk about “two mints in one”!

Instead of the planned activities for the coming week, a revisit to the schedule to see what can be trimmed and what can be moved forward before the anticipated trip over to the east coast.  Someone has to stay with the aging animals while my sister and her husband make the trip to the north.

There are responsibilities I have that cannot be changed, and so it’s going to take some planning and organizing to attempt to get all the bases covered.

While just another day in Paradise, life occasionally dumps virtual storms in the sky to disrupt the landscape that is our lives.


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