I haven’t written my book yet…but I want to be on the Ellen show!!

13 May

I had hoped to win the Smart car on February 5th…but even though I purchased tickets…someone else was the lucky new owner.

I entered the Chevy Cruz contest on the Ellen Show last week…but I only managed to enter two different times.

Then, today, with some time and freedom on my hands (more about that another time), I was able to watch the remaining 4 recorded Ellen shows.  Watched 3 of them last night.    Today, though, Ellen said that if anyone in the viewing audience had a story to tell, to go to the website and tell it.

Prior to doing  just that, I decided to update this blog.   There is a 1500 character limit for the entry on the Ellen website…so, figured that if I point to this blog, even more of my story will be available.  How else can I let it be known that, in addition to being a college graduate who has lived in and out out of a car, in addition to having made some mistakes along the way…

I am the person who asks for “doggy cocktails” out at the square, little cups of water for those folks who bring their animals to the square, forgetting to bring water for their “best friend”.

I am the person who, out for a late night walk, knocks on the door, reminding my 55 and older neighbors, that they have left their garage doors open.

I am the person who calls The Villages Community Watch to let them know that the street lights are off on a stretch of Avenida Central, or that there are potholes in the golf cart path on the same road.

I am the person who brings the newspaper to the 91 year old with arthritis who lives across the street.

I am the person who leads an older couple from the Spanish Springs Square back to Lake Sumter Landing when they can’t find their way, and the attempt to give directions results in a complete and utter perplexed look.

Yes, I am blowing my own horn.

In the hopes that someone from the Ellen show will read this post, or even this blog, and decide that even though there are more deserving people in Japan, in the South, along the Mississippi River who have much more important problems than I, that perhaps there might be a chance that Ellen would consider blessing me with a new (and economical) automobile.  Not to mention, the starting block(s) towards an entirely new life.

You see, in addition to the incredibly valuable economical vehicle, I also thought that there might be a briefcase full of cash which would allow me to take the time to actually write the book that is waiting to be written.

And, while I’m at it, perhaps there might be an opportunity for medical attention for the TMJ symptoms and the intermittent, throbbing, dental pain that has been ongoing for months now…    Turns out, if a person actually HAS health insurance, but doesn’t have the $1500 deductible to actually use the health insurance, they are not eligible for the “free” services offered to the low income population.

Again, there are poor people out there who don’t have a blog, or computer access to find their way to someone from the Ellen show, but I decided that if I don’t blow my own horn, who’s going to do it?  And, considering that the potential exists to continue helping people, by “watering” the seed that is me, surely there is a chance that taking this step, by filling out a form asking for a new car. I can’t NOT try.

Ellen, if you or a member of your team happens to read this, I would be forever grateful to be considered as one of the recipients of your incredible and caring generosity!!

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