Farewell, Ray P.

14 May

I just took the time to read 3 days worth of newspapers and discovered that one of my Villages friend, Ray Pavelec, passed away on Monday, May 9th.  He is the first of the many people I’ve met since I moved here.  I know that this kind of event is to be expected in a retirement community, but I can tell you that the fact doesn’t make it any easier.   Someone I knew has died.

Ray and his long-time girlfriend were out dancing at Urban Flats just last week, that’s the last time I saw him and was able to say Hi.

Ray was always friendly, good-natured and willing to help, since the day I first met him here in The Villages, that first time, at Lake Sumter Landing.  He’s the one who shared with me the news that plastic surgery is affordable overseas…I may have mentioned that conversation in a previous posting on this blog.   We attempted to sell some of his custom golf carts on Ebay and Craigslist.  He helped me twice when I needed a pickup truck to move some of my belongings.

I will miss you Ray and I’ll be at your funeral tomorrow at 4PM.

I’m glad I had the time to read the paper before it was too late to pay my respects.

Ray was a Navy Veteran, and he will be given full military honors on Monday May 16, at Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell.   I’ll be there too, with a flag flying in the breezes.

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